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Autograph Video Tutorials
A new set of tutorials demonstrating how to use Autograph in the classroom. These were produced using Autograph version 3 but are still relevant.

Autograph Videos
A growing collection of videos created for YouTube, Jing etc

Wanna make the graphs dance?
Southend High School for Girls scooped 'Best Lesson' awards from O2 for their lessons "Wanna make the graphs dance' and 'Have fun making an icosahedron'. More here.

The classic set of 'Autograph In Action' tutorials, produced for version 2 but still relevant.
This is the original set, as linked in the HELP Menu within Autograph (see below)

Autograph in Action - Ideas and Examples

Please click a link below to watch a 'Flash' demonstration of Autograph in Action
Autograph: Standard Level
1D - Statistics & Probability
Autograph: Standard Level
2D - Graphing
Autograph: Standard Level
3D - Graphing

Raw Data - 1
Raw Data - 2
Grouped Data
Frequency Density

Histogram Measurement
Box plots: heights by age
Fun with 'Perfect Times'

Straight Lines
Completing the Square

Trigonometry - 1

Graph Paper Theme

XY data set - 1
XY data set - 2 (Queensland)

Starship Enterprise
3D Construction

Autograph: Advanced Level
1D - Statistics & Probability
Autograph: Advanced Level
2D - Graphing
Autograph: Advanced Level
3D - Graphing

Raw Data - 1
Raw Data - 2
Grouped Data
Frequency Density

Histogram Measurement
Poisson Data
Central Limit Theorem
Text Box

Binomial and Poisson
Discrete Prob Calculation
Normal Distribution
Hypothesis Tests

Horsekicks! (Poisson fit)

Gradient (Slope) - 1
Gradient (Slope) - 2
The Chain Rule

Trigonometry - 2
Closest Distance (2D)

Fit Trig to a Tide Table
Investigating 'e'
Investigating 1/x and lnx
Parametric Equations

Conics (Polar coordinates)
Constructing a Cardoid
Constructing a Cycloid
Normal Function

1st Order D.E.
2nd Order D.E.

Max & Min
Exploring Surfaces
Conic Sections
Closest Distance

2 Intersecting Planes
3 Intersecting Planes
Cross Product

Parametric Curves
Spherical Polars

Vol. of Revolution

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