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Chartwell-Yorke Maths ICT

The Geometer's Sketchpad® Version 5

Enrich Any Mathematics Subject

Whatever grade level or subject you teach, Sketchpad can help your students explore core mathematics topics.

For sample activites and videos, open the Learning Center in your Sketchpad software.

Elementary school students can investigate reflection as they drag a point and watch the behavior of its reflection; build a foundation for classifying shapes as they manipulate triangles and quadrilaterals and use concepts such as side, angle, and length to describe the results; use tables, graphs, and Sketchpad’s calculator to devise and test area and perimeter formulas.

Middle school students can test figures for symmetry by constructing reflections and rotations, investigate the properties of various shapes, and identify and measure angles to determine which are congruent to each other.

Algebra students can plot a parabola in vertex form, use sliders to manipulate the parameters, and discover relationships between the parameter values and the shape and position of the graph.

Geometry students can construct and manipulate chords in a circle, visually demonstrate the Pythagorean theorem based on Euclid's proof, and manipulate the number of sides in a regular polygon to develop a formula relating the area and perimeter of the polygon.

Advanced algebra and precalculus students can investigate graphs of functions in rectangular and polar coordinates, manipulate wave superposition, phase, and period to analyze sums of sinusoidal waves, and perform elementary coordinate transformations using vectors.

Calculus students can visualize and comprehend the effect of varying the subinterval width on Riemann sums in approximating the area under a curve, create solids of rotation with multiple functions and solve for the appropriate surface area, and develop a conceptual understanding of derivatives by manipulating parameters and properties of functions.