View interactive mindmap of complete syllabus
Investigate combinations of trigonometrical curves
Interactive statistical diagrams such as box and whisker plots
Display diagrams that use interactive geometry
Display gradient or slope fields in calculus


AQA, OCR, EdExcel, CCEA, WJEC, CIE, Scottish Highers, Scottish Advanced Highers, AP, Pre-University, University Methods Course, Indian CBSE, International Baccalaureate Diploma courses HL, SL and Mathematical Studies.

Almost every page is interactive, offering you much more than simply an online textbook. A wide collection of applets is included to make each page as interactive as possible and suitable for use with an interactive whiteboard. Most applets were developed specifically for this site.

Including advice from examiners and tips on improving exam technique, advice on graphic calculators, a vast Graph Library, Discussion Group to share mathematical problems, Interactive Glossary, Glossary Quiz, and more.


Perfect Interactive Whiteboard demonstrations - bring topics alive !

Set work and get it marked effortlessly. Print exam papers and mark schemes at the touch of a button. Select your module and then topics. Print as many questions as you like. Each time you print them they are different.

Automatic Assessment, buy a multiple user or institution licence, give access to your students and records and tracks student progress. Student work is marked and assessed automatically online.

A full formative assessment system is included, enabling students to record and track their progress using a variety of tests and challenges. Teachers are provided with records of this student progress and can use it for diagnosis, feedback and help. Everything is marked and assessed automatically on-line and results are fully downloadable to your spreadsheet.

Built-in Forums & Conferences, including ones private to your school or college.


“This site is ssooooooooo helpful and informative, and contributed to me going from a E to a A in my AS Levels”

“This is truly wicked. I wasnt able to do my h/w let alone exam questions!. NOW I can-thanks to the steps and questions given by Mathsnet!! Thanks a million.”

“Your site is brilliant, more true and false would be appreciated. and more speed games like the wagon game. we have learnt lots. please email us back. your loyal fans forever x"

“I have been using the interactive AS and A2 website regularly since my C1 exam. The worked exam questions have extremely helpful and I owe my success to this website.”

“Just want to say what a wonderful job you have done here. It has helped me so much in doing my A Levels, in my first year and doing further maths, got As in January on C1 and C2 and to be honest a lot of this is down to this site as it is so easy to learn from. Anyway thanks again for the amazing site, keep up the good work :)”

“This site has been invaluable to me through previous years of A level and further more important in the next few months before my final exams.”

MathsNet A-Level
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Teach GCSE Maths screens
Place algebraic steps (by drag and drop) in logical order to form a deductive proof
Wide range of interactive graphs
Display gradient or slope fields in calculus
Interact with your geometry
View matrix transformations of shapes
matrix transformations of shapes
follow step-by-step solutions to algebraic problems
Interactive statistical diagrams
such as box and whisker plots
Investigate combinations of trigonometric curves
Your interactive mindmap of the entire syllabus
View step-by-step solutions to algebraic problems
Wide range of interactive graphs