Cabri 3D Interactive Geometry
Explore Solid Geometry with Cabri 3D

Cabri 3D is interactive solid geometry software. Using Cabri 3D, in a few clicks, you can construct and manipulate the following solid geometry objects:-

“It promises to revolutionise computer assisted visualisation and reasoning in 3D geometry in much the same way as the earlier ‘dynamic geometry software’ (DGS) has done for plane geometry.”
- Professor Adrian Oldknow

Dynamically transform your construction to reveal relationships between the elements.

Clarify and organise your construction using the numerous graphic attributes available (colours, textures, styles).

Freely move the viewpoint around your construction, and simultaneously display any number of projections (from a choice of over 15 standard projections).

Organise these views on one or more pages, adding comments (rich text).

Print or capture document pages at high resolution.Export your documents as interactively manipulable figures for inclusion in Windows applications and web pages (free Windows plugin).

Cabri 3D is a completely new product and is available separately from the 2D ‘Cabri-Geometry II Plus’. Download Cabri 3D Version 1 leaflet.

Dotted Line
Oct and Planes
Three Perpendiculars

Space geometry

Three-dimensional solid geometry is part of mathematics teaching programs starting early on with shape recognition, and developed through high school, college and university.

Many Cabri Geometry II Plus users already construct 3D figures, often using a lot of patience and tricks since the software works essentially in the plane (2D).

Cabri 3D brings the missing dimension, at both mathematical engine and display level.

3D space models our world perfectly and manipulating 3D objects such as planes, solids, cylinders, and spheres is both a real and attractive activity. Cabri 3D uses OpenGL® display technology to make the most of 3D graphics cards marketed for the last several years. Images obtained are far from the ‘wire’ model used conventionally, and their animation is fluid.

Due to previous lack of appropriate software and the difficulty in visualising objects in space, 3D geometry is a partially explored field. In this context, Cabri 3D provides teachers and researchers a valuable tool to explore and discover new properties, new theorems yet to be unveiled. For example, see Professor Adrian Oldknow's fascinating Cabri 3D pages and tutorials produced for the Mathematical Association.

A Cabri 3D document consists of a set of pages, and one or more views are positioned on each page displaying the figure through a different projection. In each view, a projection can be free and easy to manipulate consistently, even while constructing.

A view can be copied on the clipboard as a high resolution image, and be used as an illustration in other documents. This process provides results of much better quality than a screen capture. The print reproduces the set of pages and views, and uses the 3D acceleration features/capabilities of modern graphics cards; this enables the creation of high quality documents with a high degree of accuracy.

Construct and manipulate

While constructing, already built objects can be constantly manipulated, and the projection of the current view updated. Object selection can be made in any view. The implicit mechanism of object creation considerably simplifies the construction of the figures. A point of intersection between a line and a plan in a construction can thus be used without having to create in advance.
Many graphic attributes (colour, size, texture) can be applied to objects to create even more attractive and comprehensible figures.

CabriML and Web figures

The Cabri 3D files format is based on the XML standard (CabriML), so that any user may understand and modify Cabri 3D files. Combined with the internal use of the Unicode standard for the representation of the characters, Cabri 3D can be used to create and read figures in all languages.
The Cabri 3D plug-in allows dynamic geometry figures to be published on the Internet, and also in other word processing documents.

Recommended configuration. Windows XP (but works with 98 or higher except NT) or Mac OS X 10.3, 800MHz, RAM 256 Mb, graphic adapter NVidia GeForce 2 or ATI Radeon 7000.

Cabri 3D is available in the UK from Chartwell-Yorke Ltd, 114 High Street, Belmont Village, Bolton, Lancashire, BL7 8AL, tel 01204 811001, fax 01204 811008, email,


BETT Award 2007 Maths

Becta BETT Awards 2007 Winner: " Cabri 3D is a 3D visualisation tool that allows secondary school students to explore the properties of 3D space and solid geometry with mathematical rigour. The product is closely aligned to the shape, space and measures aspect of the Maths National Curriculum. Students can quickly create and manipulate shapes in creative ways that would be impossible to replicate with solid objects. "