Cabri makes tough maths concepts easier to learn thanks to its kinaesthetic learning approach! It's easy to create a geometric figure, an equation or graph a function on the Cabri screen - which comes alive as a manipulable object.

Cabri goes further, including vectors and conics (incl. ellipses and hyperbolas). See equations of lines, circles, ellipses, loci, and coordinates of points.

Freely manipulate figures, test construction and conjectures, measure, calculate, delete, modify or undo. Invariant properties are revealed through translation, dilation and rotation on screen.

Exciting new approaches are accessible to everyone at all levels. Cabri gives students the tools and motivation to dig deeper and actively explore.

The new version 1.4 includes built-in training and relevant activities from the curriculum.

Independent Review Movie giving overview by TEEM with sound commentary. See also the 'how-to' Movies created by teacher Kate Mackrell showing how to use Cabri and some of the ways Kate uses Cabri in the classroom.Also, see a new movie of Cabri in action at St Angela's Ursuline Convent School. Below: Download Shockwave plug-in in order to view new Online Training Assistant and free sample curriculum activities.

Cabri II Plus

Students perform 30% better in mathematics thanks to Cabri!

Result of a University study of 15,000 students in secondary school over 6 years.