Volume 4 of these presentations covers Mechanics in the A level module M1.  The presentations make extensive use of diagrams to illustrate the theory and provide a perfect framework for your teaching, illustrating all the key concepts with worked examples. (Volumes 1, 2 & 3 covering the Core Modules C1, C2, C3, C4 and S1 are also available.)

All you need is a Data Projector or Interactive Whiteboard and a computer running Microsoft Powerpoint (Office 2002 or later).

Contents list and sample screens

Demo (free downloadable samples)

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Teachers’ Notes:

How to navigate through the course and use these Powerpoint files:

There are 3 ways to start a presentation:

  1. Navigate to the folder containing the presentations, right click on the file name and select Show or
  2. Start Powerpoint, select File, Open, then navigate to the folder containing the presentations, then left double click and select Slide Show from the menu and then View Show or
  3. Start the “0 Contents” presentation by one of the 2 ways above and then use the hyperlinks (left click) to start any of the presentations.

Printing Slides:

If the presentation isn’t open, from Powerpoint select File, Open and navigate to the file required. Right mouse click and select Open. Then select File and Print. Under print range choose slides and enter the numbers of the white slides. Under print what, select handouts. The default is for 6 slides per page. If larger images are required, select slides (instead of handouts) to get a full page image of each slide. Under color/greyscale, select Pure black and white.

Customising files:

The files are “read only” but can be saved under a new name and then altered as you wish. The colours have been chosen to be clear in most lighting conditions but can be tweaked if necessary. Open a file, select view and view master and slide master. Right click and choose background, click on the colour arrow and choose more colours. Try a standard colour (or custom colour) near to the one used. Alterations can also be made to the slide contents. Microsoft equation editor has been used for the equations. You may need to ungroup (on the draw menu) in order to make alterations and re-animate the slides after alterations.Volume 4 Single User £39 + vat. Site Licence £150 + vat. Extended Site Licence including home use £249 + vat. Upgrade for difference in price. (Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 may be purchased separately at the same prices individually or at a discount if bought together at the same time.)

"This is the Whiteboard Maths of A Level. It is a series of PowerPoint files that covers the whole of the A Level course. Volume 1 is A/S, Volume 2 is A2, and Volume 3 is Statistics. The coverage and detail are extremely impressive, and once again if you are looking to introduce some ICT into A Level teaching, then there is no better single package around. But once again, be warned - each slide contains so much detail that it can be overwhelming for students if they are merely clicked through."
- Craig Barton

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