Teach A Level Maths 2017 PowerPoints
Teach A Level Maths from 2017: Presentations for Classroom and Individual Use

Teach A Level Maths from 2017

Presentations for Classroom and Individual Use

By Christine Crisp assisted by Jamie Hopkins

Year 1/AS Maths: Part 1 Pure Maths; Part 2 Statistics; Part 3 Mechanics

Get full coverage of the new specifications for teaching from September 2017. This includes instructions for the use of a spreadsheet to extract and analyse data from large datasets. More emphasis has also been given to the techniques of proof and modelling.

  • These are whiteboard or data projector animated presentations for Year1/AS Mathematics
  • There are 81 Powerpoint presentations containing in total more than 1600 slides with Part 2 supported by Excel and Word documents
  • The original presentations have been updated and reorganised with the aim of saving teachers a great deal of time searching materials for relevant content
  • Theory, worked examples and summaries are included and also introductory exercises with solutions.
  • Graphs and illustrations are used extensively to explain and enliven theory.
  • The spreadsheet requirement is covered by an introduction to Microsoft Excel, gradually increasing techniques to include use of Pivot tables for extracting data from a large dataset.
  • The materials have been written by experienced A level Maths teachers following good mathematical practice throughout with mathematical terminology gradually introduced.

In the classroom, all you need is a Data Projector or Whiteboard and a computer running Office 2007 or later.

(Available end of May 2017. Parts 4, 5 and 6 covering Year 2 will be released in 2018.)

Year 1/AS Maths: Free Samples

Each of the Sample 1's show extracts, whilst the Sample 2s are complete presentations. Click to download free samples below, and here for detailed Teachers' Notes on how to use these Powerpoint files.

Part 1 Pure Maths: Sample 1
Pure Maths: Sample 2
Part 2 Statistics: Sample 1
Statistics: For Sample 2 (one complete Presentation) first download the associated Excel file, and then Sample 2 to the same downloads folder. After both are downloaded, run the PowerPoint file.
Part 3 Mechanics: Sample 1
Mechanics: Sample 2
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